Monday, January 31, 2011


Dubai Shopping Festival 2013

The Dubai Shopping Festival 2013 (DSF 2013) will be open from 3rd January and will run until 3rd February 2013, featuring "Dubai at its Best". DSF 2013 is the internationally acclaimed festival and one of the best shopping experiences in the world.
The 32-day shopping extravaganza will bring Dubai into festive spirit, with its unique combination of shopping, winning and entertainment. Apart from shopping and winning prizes, various events and activities will be organized for visitors and residents.
DSF caters to people of all ages, as its programs vary from international concerts, sports, musicals and shows, to outdoor and fashion events.
Organized by Dubai Events and Promotion Establishment (DEPE), DSF 2013 follows the grand success of DSF 2012, which incorporated the slogan "Dubai at its best".
The mega event commences with entertaining street performances, display of fireworks, and proceeds to high discount tax-free shopping, and entertaining events during the festival. The retailers announced up to 75% discount on electronics, jewellery, watches, perfumes, textiles, carpets, and more on major brands.
Apart from these, there are opportunities to win several daily and weekly prizes organized by shopping malls and retailers. Among the prizes to be given are LX50 given in cash in Lexus Mega Raffle.
Also, DSF 2013 will witness wonderful performances by renowned artists, percussionists, acrobats, dancers and more. However, apart from entertainment programs alone, the festival plays a major role in development of tourism in Dubai, and helps in boosting economic condition of the country.

Major features of DSF 2013

DSF 2010Tax-free shopping: The mega event will begin with entertaining street performances and a display of fireworks. Shoppers can begin enjoying the high discounted shopping, and entertaining events organized all through the festival. Shopping in Dubai is largely tax-free, as merchants are permitted to import products from other countries with very little or no custom duties. The shopping malls and retailers will offer up to 75% discount on range of items, including jewellery, watches, electronics, carpets, textiles, perfumes, and handicrafts of major brands.
Attractive Prizes: Apart from the tax-free discounted rates, shoppers can also look forward to an opportunity to win several daily and weekly prizes, organized by participating shopping malls and retailers. The prizes include luxurious LX570 car and Dh.100,000 in cash in the Lexus Mega Raffle. The Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group also announce exciting DSF promotions by offering visitors a chance to win 21kilos of gold worth Dh.4.5mn through raffle draws.
Cultural/Entertainment events: The event, which opens with spectacular firework display, offers a series of colourful cultural programs and entertainment events all through the festival

The Carnival

As always, DSF 2013 will also witness spectacular parade with performances by renowned international artists, apart from shows by acrobats, percussionists, dancers and more. The DSF Carnival is an all-out display by various performers including musicians, jugglers, unicyclists, stilt walkers, all of which render the festive feeling of DSF across Dubai. Visitors get to enjoy live concerts and jazz world performed by some renowned artists.
Dubai Carnivals will be held in different platforms, each with different themes including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Russian. Every year at least 300 performers participate in the Carnivals, which will be held every weekend during the month-long DSF.

Global Village

The Global Village is another major attraction during the DSF 2012 for visitors, who get to explore international heritage and cultural diversity. The Global Village is associated with DSF, although it runs longer than DSF. The Global Village is a unique concept of bringing the entire globe under a single roof. As the name indicates, Global Village is a true representation of culture of various countries at a single place. Every country will set up its own pavilion, wherein renowned products in their home countries are displayed. Apart from product sale, Global Village also offers entertainment events, food stalls, children rides, sports activities and lucky draws on daily basis.

Carpet Oasis

Carpet Oasis is a treasure trove of carpets, wherein traders from across the world, offer good value on a range of floor coverings. It will be open during Dubai Shopping Festival 2013, with thousands of unique and exclusive handmade, oriental, and Persian carpets and rugs from across the globe will be displayed, apart from a large collection of antique souvenirs.

Children Show

The Dubai Dolphinarium will be organizing an exclusive show for kids during DSF 2013. There are other events too, to keep the children engaged such as Children of World Olympiad, cartoon and circus shows.

Sound and Light Show

A Sound and Light Show that follows renowned sound and light show in Egypt has been planned.

Desert Camp

The DSF Desert Camp offers adventure activities such as quad bikes, horse riding and camel rides.

Aqua Fantasia

One of the largest aquatic shows, wherein, four pools of 4000 Sqm size, performs a terrific tango of water sprinklings, with brilliant colours and synchronised music to match the ups and downs of the sprouts.


A major attraction of the DSF event every year is the gourmets, wherein visitors get to satisfy their taste buds from delicious cuisines prepared from all corners of the world. Scrumptious cuisines ranging from continental to Chinese, Italian to French, and all special Arabic Delights form part of the gourmet.
The food festival during DSF 2013 will see a gathering of people from diverse backgrounds joining together to enjoy international cuisine, involving celebrity chefs, culinary workshops, live cooking counters, and interactive events and exciting prizes.